2nd Time Out Fishing.

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Outdoors 2nd Time Out Fishing.

Post by north star on Mon Apr 19, 2010 9:05 am

Now these fish were by far big fish but they were hand size and bigger and the first crappies of the year for me, so we took our limits home with us today and we got 30 of them. Here are a couple pics of me holding a few of them, and man it was a cool and windy day to boot.

Here is a pic of the crappies on a board just before they went under the knife.

Here is a couple pics of me cutting the fish up not the funnest part of the trip.

And the end result is a 1/2 a ice cream bucket of fillets for the frying pan.

They want to go again on Sunday but we will have to see how the weather is and how much time i have.
north star
north star

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