Sandusky Eyes Tonight-Good Pics-ELECTROSHOCK

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Outdoors Sandusky Eyes Tonight-Good Pics-ELECTROSHOCK

Post by OhioFisher on Mon Apr 13, 2009 9:40 pm

We fished the normal "snaggers run" and weren't getting any bites and it was raining so I decided with hardly anyone around (6ppl) I might as well move around and catch fish when I'm wet Laughing So i moved up just a bit and it wasn't but my second cast I hooked up on a fresh run eye, not a minute after that some wader guys walked right through where I got it... GRRR, The wader guys have really been pssin me off lately, if they are an out of towner or something when it gets up to your hips, thats a hole, ther are fish there, stop lol... But its fremont what can you expect... So anyway I kept moving up then Dad followed, we didn't get any bites but watched some guys in this one area nail a couple, snagged but they went on the stringer... It took em a while but they were gone in less than a half hour with 8 fish together. Most were really small legal though but one pig he had... Snagged Sad But after they left we moved in and Dad got one on black!??!! we tried for over an hour after that but some guys in waders were really walking all over the place but what ever.... One fish was good Smile The second pic is from the last sunday we went, I had a real phtographer take my picture and it looks good Wink

As for the eletroshocking, it was pretty cool but not like I expected
There were two guys in this boat and he started the generator and these poles stuck out ad they drove along and picked up "a few" fish not more than 2 eyes :(not a good sign) Fun to watch though!!

(digital zoom)

CYA On The Water,
"Fishing and Fun"


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Outdoors Re: Sandusky Eyes Tonight-Good Pics-ELECTROSHOCK

Post by saugeye1 on Tue Apr 14, 2009 6:47 am

nice eyes, u are a fishing machine.

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