Maumee Thursday

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Fishing Maumee Thursday

Post by OhioFisher on Sat Apr 25, 2009 9:37 am

Headed down to ford street again, quite a few guys down there... Saw plenty of them with no fish

Most were crowded in straight down off the path
Only a few were getting anything so I moved back up to my tree spot where the tree was out of the water Shocked I fished here until I saw some fish jumping/spawing just a bit up from me...

I moved up and on my third cast, snagged a big 6lber, female, The one time I haven't brought my camera down to the river Sad
Kept fishing this same area and saw walleye and whitebass jumping, never did get another one, but they were in there

Then we moved down below the guys in the swift water, Dad snagged two, one really close one but we don't need em that bad so it went back.
Didn't fish this area very long so I recommend we move...

Headed up to Jerome Rd. area and saw LOADS of guys lol
Only a few with stringers, "Dave" who I met, nice guy had 4 good ones, saw maybe 15 out of a couple hundred with 3 or 4

So it was a bit tough to get into a spot but I managed and then this guy leaves so I'll move in there
No offense to these "people" but a group of them all moved around to prevent me from moving inn, so I moved in anyways Very Happy

There was bush in the water and a pretty much fished in that, Dave was giving props for being the bushman lol

Only got snagged a few times did alot better than I normally do lol I use a 5/8oz. now
Found a bunch of jigs this time, and reeled in quite a few also.........

So throughout the evening a few guys were snagging some, caching a whitebass or two and I even saw a couple short fish come in Sad
Finally in the last about 20mins, snag one then another one that takes me half way downriver, no lie ha
Then I got two legals and couldn't have been any happier Smile
BTW made so sinkers yesterday, Say bye to maumee tackle Wink
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CYA On The Water,
"Fishing and Fun"

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Fishing Re: Maumee Thursday

Post by saugeye1 on Sat Apr 25, 2009 12:15 pm

nice eyes, that big uns a toad.

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