1 of 3/4-26/East Harbor Trout

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Fishing 1 of 3/4-26/East Harbor Trout

Post by OhioFisher on Sun Apr 26, 2009 9:40 pm

Yesterday and today we hit the trout at the East Harbor pond, they stocked 500 trout and even a quite a few catfish. I unfourtunetly missed the Olander Trout derby where they give away prizes and the fishing is pretty good too-(Can you believe none of my friends wanted to go to that!!??!!) Anyways on Saturday we didn't get fishing until 3 o'clock or so and I have to say this pond is not only small (less than an acre) and mostly loaded with weeds, so the 500 trout were concentrated in small pockets on the north end of the pond. So as you can proably guess within only a few minutes I had my 5 and Dad too. We satyed another hour and together we proably caught 25 a piece!!! It was every other cast, fun trout fishing for sure even a 16in. fish!

Then today, the fishing slowed, quite a bit actually. We had to use powerbait, my buddy, dad, and I. Certain colors produced best... rainbow being the best, we tightlined with it. It only took a minute or so to get a bite, In a half hour we had 15. Stayed around for a while and I found a pocket where I could get em on the roostertail. That was fun! Not very crowded either! The fun/relly cuky part was the cleaning of the trout, when I say fun I mean being able to see what they eat lol. You'd be surprised! Besides others peoples hooks in their mouth, they are still able to eat! I found powerbait in almost every one, corn, up to 10 pieces in some fish, and a bug or two, lastly STICKs lol they ate lil sticks! But what a great two days of trout fishing. This was our first stop of my 3 spot adventure of fishing today.

CYA On The Water,
"Fishing and Fun"


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Fishing Re: 1 of 3/4-26/East Harbor Trout

Post by saugeye1 on Mon Apr 27, 2009 8:52 pm

slayin the trout this year eh

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