2 Days, Dusky Whitebass Run

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Fishing 2 Days, Dusky Whitebass Run

Post by OhioFisher on Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:16 pm

We hit the whitebass yesterday, and as you could tell if you saw the pic. They were hitting pretty darn good! It took us awhile to get on em, sarting from the Hayes street bridge but after a little while we found an active school where 3 other guys and and Dad and I were fishing with no one around. They all were using at least 2 hooks but after Dad informed them about that, they seemed to really not know about the rule!!! They were more than happy to switch over and obey which is good!!! Anyways. I used a bettlespin while Dad had a plain ole jig and we both did about the same. Fomr 4:30-8 we caught well over 200 fish! This was on 4-28 after my doctors appoinment which he released me, I'm good Smile
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Then today the water came up a good foot but the clarity was the same. Fished the same areas, Even waded and the fish were scattered until they started to move up in the evening. I was fishing with a guy "Eli" and he had a bucketfull from fishing all day... After I talked to him for a while and sent him to the site,,, I decided it was to slow for me so I moved down and caught one fast and told him to move down and he did so I put him on the fish and we all were gettin em for the last 30mins pretty consecutively. Not too crowded and the fish were runnin! We'll have to see how this weather goes but this weekend will probably be really good!! and PACKED!!! Good luck out there btw I got an eye didn't have a tape measure but looked at my rod when I got home and fiured out I released a leagal fish... Still fun!!
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