Whitebassin-Dusky/Portage 5-11

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Fishing Whitebassin-Dusky/Portage 5-11

Post by OhioFisher on Tue May 12, 2009 3:08 pm

I will have an awesome report come Tomorrow about Sundays portage whitebass "188"

At around 5 I got Dad talked into hitting the portage because of how good it was yesterday (Shhh Wink)

There were 16 guys at 590!!!!!! but there were a few caught in the 30min. we fished the area.

I got 17 fish and Dad got less than 10 Lots of big females-please don't keep them

Whitebassin-Dusky/Portage 5-11 DSCF2004
Whitebassin-Dusky/Portage 5-11 DSCF2005
Whitebassin-Dusky/Portage 5-11 DSCF2006

So then dad gets me talked into going to the dusky with all of his :bullsh!t: lol
"O its going to be good"
"this is prime down here"

Whatever we went there and it sucked pretty much
I got about 10 and he got 15 all males..... We need another run

I even got a catfish it was so slow

Whitebassin-Dusky/Portage 5-11 DSCF2008
Good Luck, I've fished everyday for the last two weeks-BEAT THAT

CYA On The Water,
"Fishing and Fun"

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Fishing Re: Whitebassin-Dusky/Portage 5-11

Post by bugeyedjig on Tue May 12, 2009 4:49 pm

you guys are lucky...we had the big storm end of last week so all of our rivers and creeks are still flooded. we are chomping at the bit to fish the creeks. YOU LUCKY DOGS!!!!
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Outdoorsman 5

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