A few whitebass are left-Nice Smallie too-"River" report

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Fishing A few whitebass are left-Nice Smallie too-"River" report

Post by OhioFisher on Wed Jun 03, 2009 12:04 am

Well after we hit the pond yesterday, a buddy and I decided to see what we could dig up out of the river. Went to the bridge and waded up river from where the people of the three cars were. The water was stained but fishable and it only took about 10 minutes till I had my first one. From then on out it was slow for me but REALLY slow for my friend. I had to teach him the ropes of the bettle spin. He says, why you give me this lure-so I won't catch any? I said here I'll show you how its done, two cast in a row-fish!!!! Lol that was pretty good!!! (luck) haha but after that he got a rockbass and later on a whitey!! We kept some males for him but I got around 15 which wasn't bad, and just as we left I got a real nice smallmouth that put up a hell of a fight. The fish were in pairs and in the pockets, lol one had a hook mark of where I had caught it before!!!

BTW a few bluegills are starting to show up-good sign Wink Oak Harbor to 590 Very Happy

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Fishing Re: A few whitebass are left-Nice Smallie too-"River" report

Post by luckylure69 on Wed Jun 03, 2009 1:19 am

glad to see your still catchin white bass. them blueys look decent sized too! ya never know what your going to get into on that river
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