Some 2012 flathead

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Outdoors Some 2012 flathead

Post by katfish on Wed Dec 05, 2012 1:53 pm

Over all this summer was pretty slow.

Some 2012 flathead 060212Dsz

Lots of skunks and smaller flathead.

Some 2012 flathead 061512Bsz

I stayed patient as I searched for larger fish.

Some 2012 flathead 071012sz

After spawn things started picking up a bit.

Some 2012 flathead 071312Hsz

After about 2 months of frustration I finally located a trophy flathead.

Some 2012 flathead 072812R56sz

Then after a 3 year drought I landed another flathead over 60 pounds.

Some 2012 flathead 081512Bsz-1

The rest of the year the size tapered off again.

Some 2012 flathead 100612Asz

I am hoping the trophy fish kick in hard next year.

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Outdoors Re: Some 2012 flathead

Post by OhioFisher on Thu Dec 06, 2012 1:41 am

Thanks for the post Robby. I don't think hardly anyone logs on anymore. Forums are moving to a thing of the past but I still come here to remember upon the good times...

Good fishing there for sure. Looks like you will have a good upcoming class of fish! It has been a great year on the lake for walleyes!

CYA On The Water,
"Fishing and Fun"

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