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Outdoors sunday's heat could you go wrong

Post by bugeyedjig on Mon Feb 02, 2009 7:05 am

dan and i moved out early to hit a crappie pond yesterday with the warm weather it would be great. but 4 hours later and twenty holes in the pond that is no bigger than a ranch home we had only landed 1- 6 inch bass and 1-2 inch bluegill. confused and mad we loaded up and headed to lima lake where we heard a few sauguye were being caught this past week right by the boat ramp. no luck there either. punched 6 holes real quick to find the edge of the weeds and sat down to fish. 2missed hits later we moved ut a little hits...moved a little more....1 five inch perch later we left. not a very impressive talked with a few others at lima lake and only little bluegills had been caught all morning. so my 5 inch perch(which i released), first one since i was 15 yrs old, really impressed them. we left. heres one for you and my dad would like it. he always used to tell me, "no use being dumb unless you show it". when we were kids we would goto st, marys lake and catfish. only we would catch perch all day long. bait stealers we would say, and be mad and throw them back, 10 inchers, they were our trash fish. nowadays around here that's all anyone wants to knwoo if you've been catching. now i haven't tried for any in all this time, but i might before we lose the ice. funny how 25 yrs will change your line of thinking. my buddy dan would like to fill a bucket with them. i even saw his mouth water when we discussed it, so maybe this week i'll be posting a perch report. who knows!
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